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BMRenew 2019 AGM – 10 August noon-2pm

The board of directors on the Blue Mountains Renewable Energy Co-operative is pleased to advise members that the Annual General Meeting will be held in August on Saturday the 10th, at noon. The meeting will be held in the usual meeting room at the Mid-Mountains Community Centre, 9 New St, Lawson. Please join us for the meeting, to elect new… Read more →

Working with Rotary for Solar PV for the Community

This month we were fortunate enough to participate in Rotary Katoomba’s project to install solar panels on the Earth Recovery building in Katoomba st. This was a real community centered project, with Earth Recovery helping plenty of mountains locals, the fundraising lead by Rotary at Katoomba, and the project initiated by long time BMRenew member Winton Evers, and supported by other members and supporters… Read more →

Cake and Solar power at Lawson

While Canberra still debates renewable energy and climate change, locals in the Blue Mountains are getting on with real action. Blue Mountains Renewable Energy Co-op ( has just arranged for 8kW of solar panels to be installed on the Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre building in Lawson. Powering the vital non-profit Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre, plus the many community events held… Read more →

2018 BMRenew AGM

Members and supporters are welcome to the Annual General Meeting of the Blue Mountains Co-Operative on 11 August 2019. The AGM will commence at 2pm, immediately following the monthly meeting. The agenda will include a review of the past year, and plans for the future, so please come along.   Members and supporters who are interested in joining the co-op… Read more →

BMRenew 2014 AGM

2017 AGM – 12th August

Our 2017 annual general meeting is just a few weeks away. This is an exciting time because members have a chance to really exercise their co-operative membership (Not a member yet? Join here. Still need to renew? Go here). Co-op AGMs aren’t like companies or even associations – members are active and have direct control over the co-op. When: 11am,… Read more →

House at night with lights - Inspiration DE

Saving energy at home: register your interest

During the recent SunCrowd solar and battery bulk-buy campaign, lots of people asked us about how to save energy at home – whether to reduce the bill-shock of losing the 60c feed-in-tariff, take best advantage of a new battery system or to keep getting better at saving energy and addressing climate change. Based on this feedback, we’re looking to develop… Read more →