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Thank you so much for helping make this community-funded solar energy system in the Blue Mountains a reality. From the whole team at Blue Mountains Renewable Energy Co-op, our deepest thanks.

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Example email text – Copy, paste and change it up to make it personal.

Dear friends,

I have donated to a really important local cause here in the Blue Mountains and I’d like you to join me. The Blue Mountains Renewable Energy Co-op is running a crowdfunding campaign to donate a solar system to the Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre.

So, please help me reach our goal! Almost a quarter of the $8000 needed has already been raised, and the project is barely launched, so I’m asking if you can help reach the goal with a donation of $20, $50, $100 – or more if you can manage it:

What would you be donating to?

An 8 kilowatt solar system for the Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre, who are an amazing organisation providing crucial support to the community – helping low-income households and the elderly, putting on fantastic community-building events like the Mid Mountains Festival, providing space for community groups, and so much more.

SOLD! Donate here:

What difference will it make?

The solar system is projected to save the Centre over $1000 per year in electricity costs. Wouldn’t you rather that money stayed in the local economy and supported community services, rather than going to a big power company? It’s like donating to the Centre every year for the next 25 years, with the added benefit that there’s more solar power in the world and local people from the Blue Mountains are being employed to do the job.

I’m in:

Why should you donate?

  1. Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre are an awesome grassroots, non-profit community service provider who help look after the area’s most vulnerable people.
  2. Solar power is great and we need more of it to solve climate change.
  3. Power should be in the hands of communities, not big companies, and that’s what we’re starting to build here in the Blue Mountains with this project.

OK, OK! Let me donate:

Thank you.


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