Notice of AGM 2014

Our first annual general meeting is just 3 weeks away. This is an exciting time because members have a chance to really exercise their co-operative membership (Not a member yet? Join here. Still need to renew? Go here). Co-op AGMs aren’t like companies or even associations – members are active and have direct control over the co-op.

When: 2pm, Saturday 13 September
Where: Springwood Presbyterian Church, 160 Macquarie Rd, Springwood

Here’s the details on the meeting that you need:

  • Download the 2014 AGM agenda.
  • Read below the two director nominations received so far – you will have a chance to elect new directors and we are still looking for one more nomination.
  • Download the text of the special resolution being proposed – to tweak the active membership provision and take advantage of new ‘small co-op’ rules. You are eligible to vote on this resolution. You also need to be aware of cancellation of membership, read that here.
  • Review the 2013-14 accounts for the Co-op’s first year: Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet – and read a summary below.

Director Nominations

We’re very lucky to have two talented people nominating to be on the board of directors for the next year of our growth. There are three vacancies though, so we are still keen to hear from anyone who would like to nominate or let us know if you think someone would be great. More details here.

Murray Wilcox
Experienced legal expert – barrister (21 years), Federal Court judge (22 years) and various other roles. Administrative experience in various capacities including almost five years as President of the Australian Conservation Foundation (1979-84) and six years as Chair of the Environmental Defenders office (2007-13).

Heidi Howden
Experienced bookkeeper, now undertaking the CPA program, and employed as an assistant accountant within a Glenbrook accounting practice. Former high school teacher. Proud co-owner of self-installed solar.

2013 -2014 Annual Financial Overview

Our co-op has had a modest year financially. Our sole source of income has been membership fees plus a very small amount of bank interest. Our expenses have been similarly modest, with the largest expenditure being hosting of our online discussion space, Basecamp.

Membership fees: $1840
Interest earned: $8.10
Start-up capital: $50

Basecamp fees: $110.63
Bank charges: $12

2014-2015 Projection

Our co-op faces more expenses this coming year. In addition to the Basecamp fees we have insurance expenses for Public Liability cover (2013-14 premium was kindly donated by a member).

To accommodate these expenses and ensure the co-op has a secure financial future, the board is seeking additional income sources, including a Greenpower initiative we are launching at the Annual General Meeting.


As part of proposing a change to the co-operative’s active membership provision by special resolution, members must also be provided with a copy of section 156 of the Co-operatives (Adoption of National Law) Act 2012:
156 Cancellation of membership of inactive member

  1. Subject to sections 159 and 160, the board of a co-operative must declare the membership of a member cancelled if:
    1. (a) the whereabouts of the member are not presently known to the co-operative and have not been known to the co-operative for at least the required period before that time; or
    2. (b) the member is not presently an active member of the co-operative and has not been an active member of the co-operative at any time during the required period immediately before that time.
  2. This section applies to a member only if he or she was a member of the co-operative throughout the required period.
  3. The question of whether a member was an active member at a particular time in the past is to be decided as if the active membership provisions concerned had been in force at that time.
  4. The board’s declaration under this section has the effect of cancelling the membership concerned.
  5. A person may apply for an order under section 162 in relation to the cancellation of the person’s membership under this section.
  6. In this section:
    “the required period” , in relation to a co-operative, means:
  1. (a) 3 years; or
  2. (b) if a shorter period is stated in the rules of the co-operative-that period.