Last Chance for Solar & Batteries Bulk Buy!

With the strict deadline of midnight 30th November fast approaching, our local expert and solar mentor, Andrew, has put together the following guide for those looking at the last minute:


These are based on my experiences with people during the mentor sessions:

1. The budget starter pack: 1.5kW of panels with micro-inverters for $3499 (including solar meter, based on single story steel roof)

This is a great starting point for anyone on a tight budget that would like to join the solar revolution but has no panels at the moment (price includes the solar meter and all installation). Even if you are not at home during the day and feed everything into the grid, this system will earn you about 50c a day (at a conservative 8c/kWh feed in tariff). That raises to $1.50 a day if you make use of all the power on your home appliances. You could pay for this system with with savings in 6 years. The micro-inverters provide excellent system performance and monitoring, even in partial shade. And your system will be easily extended in the future. You can’t go wrong.

2. The battery booster pack: 2kW of extra panels with a 6.5kWh LG Chem battery for $10,750 (or 3kW for $11,450; no solar meter included, based on single story steel roof)

This is a great option for typical energy users who already have 1-2kW of panels and want to maximise their energy independence with a battery. If your old inverter is due for retirement, ask about connecting the existing panels to the new inverter included in this package! You’ll save thousands. And you’ll have ongoing savings in the order of $400 each year from being able to use your solar power into the evenings. Want power from your battery during black outs? You can get it with this option (extra $500). The future is here.

3. The sports shifter pack: 14kWh Tesla powerwall-2 for $10400 (best estimate price based on Tesla information released at this time)

For those who have enough panels but want to join the battery revolution with the newest and most exciting battery on the market. The powerwall-2 was only announced in November and you can be one of the first to own one through the bulk buy. With the ability to deliver 5kW of power (for more than 2 hours on each charge), this is the sports car of batteries, capable of powering almost any electrical appliance in your home – including heaters and air conditioners, washing machines and dryers. Not only that, it exemplifies some of the best battery value on the market right now.  If you’ve been waiting for batteries to get real this might just be your moment!

4. The max me out pack: 5kW of panels and a Tesla Powerwall-2 for $16,200 (includes solar meter; cheaper if you already have solar)

For those who want it all and want it now! This is the biggest system offered as a default configuration in the bulk buy. For those who have decided now is the time to increase their energy independence.  This system will offer typical energy users >80% energy independence and annual bill savings in excess of $1000. Users with low consumption (~6-7kWh / day) could enjoy zero bills with this configuration! If that’s the kind of thing that appeals to you then this is the pack.


  • Other combinations are available. Read the guide; Try the calculator; Click though the order form at
  • The price of panels everywhere will increase after December due to a reduction in government REC credits on offer for new systems! If you have been putting off getting panels, stop. Now is the time to buy!
  • The bulk buy closes this coming Wednesday 30th November so act NOW.
  • Batteries will not fully “pay back” their cost at this point in time. If you are primarily interested in saving money then just get panels. Come back for batteries in 5 years – after you’ve payed off your panels in savings.
  • Make sure your home insurance covers your new assets!
  • If you work at home, talk to your accountant about depreciating part of the purchase cost of your system
  • Suncrowd terms and conditions can be found at