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Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash

Sites for next solar project

With the MMNC solar project now fully funded, we’ve been on the lookout for the next location for community-funded solar. We can’t quite publicly reveal our next fundraising target just now, but we are seeking ideas for the next, and the next and the next… We are looking for sites that meet our criteria of being impactful, effective, provide broad… Read more →

House at night with lights - Inspiration DE

Saving energy at home: register your interest

During the recent SunCrowd solar and battery bulk-buy campaign, lots of people asked us about how to save energy at home – whether to reduce the bill-shock of losing the 60c feed-in-tariff, take best advantage of a new battery system or to keep getting better at saving energy and addressing climate change. Based on this feedback, we’re looking to develop… Read more →

Low Carbon Living launches in the Blue Mountains

An exciting new initiative has launched in the Blue Mountains that promises climate-friendly benefits to local businesses and customers alike. The Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute (BMWHI) has established Low Carbon Living Blue Mountains to encourage businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and promote their efforts online, allowing residents and visitors to support a low carbon local economy. It’s an important step towards… Read more →

80% raised for Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre

80% raised for Winmalee solar

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated! We’ve passed the 80% milestone in our crowd-funding campaign to put a 4.5kW solar system on local charity Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre’s roof. $6788 of $8000 raised With under $1500 to go to reach our goal, we’re hoping you can help us out today – either by donating if you haven’t already,… Read more →

Morna Colbran (Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre) & Erland Howden (Blue Mtns Renewable Energy Co-op)

Solar Crowd-funding Launched!

With an article in this week’s Blue Mountains Gazette, we have launched our first crowd-funded community solar project. With your help, the Chip in for Solar project aims to raise $4000 to pay for a solar installation on Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre’s roof – in addition to the $4000 generously donated by Westpac as part of its Natural Disaster Recovery Fund. CHIP-IN For more details… Read more →